Thursday, July 16, 2009

SimpleTest Eclipse Plugin Issue

SimpleTest is a TDD template for PHP, I feel interest to it is because it provides a plugin for Eclipse which I use for my PHP development. There is an installation guide provided by SimpleTest official website:, but the problem is when I tried to follow it, there are several steps not match.

Firstly, it says you can "new" a SimpleTest project, but actually there is no SimpleTest project type for you to choose. This is actually not a big deal, you can just create a normal project, it will have no bad impact.

The most frustrating thing happen later is when you run your first test, it will complain cannot find eclipse.php. Several other users complain about this issue too, see here. To solve this issue, I searched in whole package for the file, and finally got it in a file of, once I extracted it to a folder, and in Windows->Preferences->SimpleTest, set SimpleTest folder to that extracted folder, everything solved.

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